Monday, December 3, 2018

We will pick right time to tile kohli, says Paine

Australia skipper, Tim Painesaya his vowlers won'tshy away from having a go at india captain virat kohli butwill pick theirmoments carefully.

We will pick right time to tile kohli, says Paine

We will pick right time to tile kohli, says Paine 


The australian team  is in the middle of cultural transformation following the ball tampering scandal that brought the focuson team's ethics and volues that included unbridled aggression resulting in sledging. Coach justin langer has stressed on the need for the tram to beelite in values, which includes being humble and offering handshake to opposition.

Some former cricketers like Michael Clarke have hit out at this transformation sayingh that it takes away the traditional aggression from Australian cricket.

"It"s been received well, I Haven"t heard otherwise," just a show of sportsmanship. It doesn't mean we"ll be the nicest team in the world to play against by any stretch of the imagination.
Paine said they'll be calculative against Kohli.

"He's oertainly someonewho' from wher I've seen, enjoys getting into that sort of stuff. We'll just play it by ear,if there's a time ehen we think we need to have a word with him, 

I"m sure we will. If there's pther times when we feel like we're bowling well against him and are troubling him, then you don't have to do it," Paine said of kohli . 'It"s just about picking your time and picking your moment and doingw hat the  team requires."

Kohli has toured Australia twice earlier and has been sucoessful with the bat. In 2014-15, he scored 692 runs, the most by an Insian batsman in Australia.

But Painefeels Australia have enough firepower in the pace attack to trouble India's talismanic captain although he cautioned them against being too emotional that can disorientate them. 

"I think our fast bowling attack, if they play purely on skill, they're going to trouble him," Paine added." At times when we get too emotional, wecan lose our  way a little bit. So it's a really fine line.

"There's going to be times when they're going to get a bit fiery, I'msure. But we need to be mindful of keepping ourselves calm enough so we can execute our skills as well, " he added. 
Paine said a one-on-one oontestwith Kohli is okay as longas it doesn't goover the top.

"I think it's important that guys play the way that suits them. If you're soneone eho likes to get in to a contest one-on-one  with someone like Virat, then go for your life," he said.
"But I don"t think it needs to be over the top and't think guys who aren't normally like that need to start doingit."