Friday, November 23, 2018

Sreesanth first spoke openly for the first time that the truth of the 'slap' that Harbhajan had killed him 10 years ago

For the first time on National Television, Sreesanth disclosed a great deal to Harbhajan Singh's slapping incident.

Sreesanth first spoke openly for the first time that the truth of the 'slap' that Harbhajan had killed him 10 years ago

Captaincy Task today saw something like Bigg Boss, whose whole world and especially the cricket enthusiasts were waiting for a long time. Indeed, Big Boss had made Surbya Rana the Reporter of Big Boss House during the Captain Task today. For the first time on National television in front of Surabhi, Sreesanth made a big disclosure on Harbhajan Singh's slapping incident.

Surabhi Rana questions Sreesanth about the slap scandal. Sreesanth says on this: "I always believe that if something is to be done then it can be done with hard work, God's grace and blessings of parents. My father always says when you say something, then tell me that sensationalism will be over. Many people do not know ... I want to close all of them. I want to use this Big Boss's property and tell you that this is a high time when I have to speak the truth. "

Sreesanth further said, "I still remember that in 2008 when there was a match between Mumbai Indians Kings XI Punjab in Chandigarh, my mistake was that I took a little syrios. I was extremely aggravated. His local ground was and he was the captain. He had spoken before the match, Mr. India is not a Pakistan match. So comfortably Then when he came to bat in the match, then Irfan was dismissed on the first ball, after which I expressed his happiness very much so that he became a little angry.

What really happened in the video which I have not shown in the video, I would like to point out that when I came to join hands in the field, I said, 'Find the hard luck Bhajji.' Then they got angry, they lifted my hand on my face with my left hand and did not slap. She can not be called slap. If I wanted, I could also react. But I thought Bhajji would do this, it was a lot of shocking for me. Both of us were the only line cross.

There was no single mistake in it. He used to call me Santha and I used to think him like a big brother, that person would do this. It was a little shocking for me. If this person can do such a thing in full anger then what will you do? Because of this I was helpless at that time. I cried in that helpless. But today I want to tell everyone that Bhajji Paa and my relationships are still very good, they tweet for me. Talk to my wife on the phone and take the children's attention. There is nothing between me and him, I still believe in him as my elder brother Bhajji. '

Even at the end of the show, Sreesanth, looking at the camera, told Harbhajan, 'Bhajji I love you very much. Apart from your family and your daughter is very cute '

Let me tell you that after the match between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings XI in the first season of IPL in 2008, Sreesanth had allegedly slapped Harbhajan Singh when he went to join hands. After the incident, Sreesanth started crying on the field. After this incident, Harbhajan was banned for further matches.

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